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The Code of Conduct.

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The Smart Devil
Reign Of Killers - Code of Conduct

Here are the rules that everyone in RK must follow and learn.
Breaking any of those rules will result on a punishment: a fresh and fast kick from the clan, so think 2 times before doing something.

Rules in general:
- Those members who are inactive for 1 month will receive an advice, and those of you who are inactive for 2 months without justified absence will be kicked. During the 1 month period, the members will be added to the "Inactive" usergroup. If you return and see your name there, warn the Generals, or you will get kicked soon.
- Respect everyone in the clan, don't argue or insult and if something annoys you, comment it and try to fix it as a normal person.
- Show maturity on your actions/decisions. RK isn't a kid-based clan, keep in mind that our purpose is to have fun, not to make every single thing a flame war.

Rules in game:
- Listen to your clan mates, if they need something, help them.
- Respect everyone, in your team and the oponents too.
- Don´t rage, insult or swear. If something annoys you tell it and it will be fixed.
- Always be a RK style player, play smart, don't camp and if the oponent beat you, try different tactics, but never camp or rage quit.
- Be a gifted member. Don't act rude when something isn't like you want. Talk first, be honest and if possible, teach how to do. But always respect other types of strategies.

Generals (The Council):
- The generals are the highest autority, everyone must follow their orders.
- But a general can´t act alone, each general should explain a suggestion that he wants and the other council members will approve or deny it.
- The Generals must be active at least 2 days on the week.
- The Generals might overrule a leader's decision with 70% of the Council approvation.
-A general is able to kick someone from the clan if the member shows a bad attitude or if he breaks the rules.
- Each friday at 5 pm GMT + 1, the council (generals and leader) will have a reunion for talking about problems, stuff, events and more things related to RK.

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